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FAQ - Have Questions About Poker Propping?

Look through the headers below to find an answer. Current props should refer to the prop section of our forum. Please read this FAQ carefully before emailing us questions.

How much can I make, and how do I get paid?
There’s no limit to the amount you can make working as a prop - it’s all tied to how much you play. Sites usually pay you by returning part of the rake from each pot to you. Sites generally pay you a lump sum, once a week, directly into your account on that site.

What kind of rules do I have to follow?
When a site has seating rules, they’re usually pretty common sense rules designed to get more tables started. It’s nothing complex or draconian.

Is there some kind of schedule involved?
No, you can come and go at whatever times you like. Some sites require you to play a small minimum number of hands each week to remain active, but that’s about it.

Why are rooms willing to pay props so much?
One of the great catch-22s of opening a poker room is that you can’t get customers without games, but you can’t get games without customers. Props help rooms solve this dilemma by providing highly productive players who take initiative and work to start games - a valuable service that rooms are willing to pay well to secure.

What’s the difference between getting rake back and being a prop?

Well, in both cases, rooms are paying you a bonus for playing. The basic difference comes down to how much you are paid and how much you have to do to earn that pay.

Rakeback is usually offered by larger poker rooms. Rakeback is a lot like a deposit bonus that doesn’t end - you earn a bonus based on how much you play, the same way you would with a deposit bonus. An easy way to think of Rakeback, especially if you are a live room poker player, is as a comp. Imagine swiping your card before you play and then swiping it when you leave - instead of earning food or room comps like you would at a live room, online rooms simply rebate you part of the rake you paid.

Propping is offered almost exclusively by smaller poker rooms with a lower game selection. Props are hired by small rooms so that there will be games for paying customers. Props are often paid much more than just their rake back - some rooms will pay you up to 135% of your rake back for working as a prop. Small rooms need props because if they don’t have some action in their lobby, it is very hard to get customers to sit down and play - that’s why small rooms are willing to pay props by giving them back above 100% rake. If you still need a better idea of how props work, think of an online dating site. No one wants to be the first person to post a profile, so dating sites hire a bunch of people (usually women) to post profiles and interact with customers. No one would use an empty dating site, just like most poker players won’t use an empty room.

Use this comparison table to get a quick idea of the relative pros and cons of propping vs rakeback.

Propping vs Rakeback

Propping RakeBack
Pay Rate Higher %’s, often 100% rake returned Lower %, generally in the 25-50% range
Rules Props have to follow some basic rules concerning seating and behavior Rakeback players are usually not subject to any special rules
Game Selection Sites that hire props tend to be smaller and have fewer games running at fewer limits Rakeback sites are often major sites with a wide variety of games
Schedule Props do not have to follow a schedule; some sites may require you to play a minimum number of hands per week or month Rakeback players do not have to follow any schedule but may be subject to some minimum hand requirements

Will I have to play shorthanded?
Yes, one of the functions of a prop is to start and save games. You will also get to play at full tables, but your priority is usually to start new action.

Does this ‘cost’ anything?
Absolutely not. You do, of course, have to fund your account, but there are no hidden fees, etc associated with sign up. We are just what we say we are - a prop team that refers players to sites that need props.

Which rooms would I be working for?
Our clients prefer that we don’t make that information clearly public, or else everyone would want the same rakeback rate. You’ll find out what sites you’d be working for before you sign up for anything

When do I get paid?
Generally every week for the previous week, or in some cases every day.

How much do I have to deposit?
Whatever amount you need to play the limits you wish to play. Prop players are not bankrolled by RBN or the site - you are required to fund your own bankroll.

How will I know who other props are?
We maintain a prop forum that has updated prop lists, promo and bonus information, prop chat and more.

What does actively managed mean?
It means that the site has certain seating rules props have to follow. Seating rules are usually simple, common sense rules that are easy to abide by.

What is the difference between rake rebate and rake share?
Sites calculate your rake contribution one of two ways - contributed rake (which is sometimes called rake rebate) and rake share.

Rake Share is calculated by dividing the total rake dropped by the number of players dealt into the hand. So, if 10 players are dealt cards and the total rake taken from the pot is $1, each player is credited with having contributed .10 of rake (1.00/10).

Contributed Rake or Rake Rebate is calculated by figuring how much rake a player actually contributed to the pot. Let’s say 4 players are dealt into a hand and two of them fold preflop. Since they didn’t pay any rake that hand, they don’t receive any credit. Let’s say the two remaining players in the hand go to showdown. Whatever rake is taken in that hand will be split equallty between those players, as they both contributed equally to the pot.

Do I qualify for any bonuses?
Generally speaking, props do not qualify for deposit bonuses, jackpots, etc. In some cases sites will make exceptions, but as a rule, no. However, sites do offer prop-only bonuses, and we frequently have incentives for props.

What if I already have an account on the site?
We may still be able to sign you up as a prop.

If I multi, do I get paid for all the tables?
Yes. You are paid for every hand you play or every time you contribute to the rake [depending on how the site's pay is structured]

I only play NL, do I have to play limit or PLO or non holdem games?
No. You will never be asked to play limits or games that you’re not comfortable with.

Can I track what I’ve made during a given week?
Generally speaking, not directly. Some sites will let you track hand counts, and others will send you reports at the end of the week.

What if I decide I don’t want to prop anymore, am I somehow obligated?
No, you’re free to leave at any time with absolutely no consequences. In most cases, you’ll be eligible to return as a prop at a site even after a long absence.

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