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Rakeback Nation's online poker propping team is the largest and most respected propping team on the Internet.  We've helped dozens of online poker rooms succeed in a very competitve market and thousands of poker players make extra money playing poker online.    

To receive detailed information about any of our current propping deals simply review them below and click the link to submit your email address. An email with details about the site, how to sign up, rules and pay will hit your inbox within minutes of your request. If you don't get an email, check your junk mail folder and be sure to add support @ to your list of safe senders.

If you have any questions about propping, check out our Online Propping FAQ - it's the quickest way to get answers for most common questions

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What is online propping?

Rakeback Nation’s Prop Team matches rooms that need games with players who are willing to follow some basic rules in exchange for being compensated by the room. Players do not have to follow any set schedule, can play as little or as often as they like each week, and are generally paid directly into their account at the room every week. Generally speaking we have rooms paying up to 100% rakeback for propping. Figure out what you could make with our rake calculator.

How does it work?
Browse through information about the sites we currently have available in the list above and simply click on the Prop Site offer you are interested in. We’ll send you an email with full information about the room, rules and pay. If everything looks good to you, you create an account at the room, fill out a quick form for us, and you’re good to go. If you’re current RBN member you can view each deal and it’s details in our Members Area.

Not interested in following rules? Check out rakeback offers where you play how and when you want.

What’s the catch?
There are two catches - sites that hire props are almost always newer or smaller rooms with minimal traffic. Your job is to start and save games, which often involves playing shorthanded. If you feel comfortable playing in those conditions, being an online prop is a great way to add a few bets to your expectation. Get answers to all your questions about propping in our FAQ.

If you’d rather play at larger rooms, you’ll probably be interested in our rakeback offers - lower percentages but no restrictions and greater game selection.

What sites are currently hiring online poker props?
You can get full information about all of the sites at our online propping sites page or by logging into the Members Area.

Remember, sites that are hiring props tend to be smaller or newer rooms. Larger rooms offer lower rates because they don’t have as great of a need to attract traffic. Learn more about the difference between rakeback deals and propping.

What if I check out a room and I don’t like it?
Then you don’t play there. We don’t sign you up for anything - you decide whether or not you like a room. You can request info on every room that we offer, and if you don’t like any of them, then that’s that. You can start propping and quit whenever you like, for whatever reason, and return again whenever you feel like it.

Do people really prop online? Why do rooms want to pay me to play poker?
Once you sign up to be a prop you’ll get access to a prop forum where you can meet, talk to, and swap ideas with hundreds of other props. Rooms want to pay you to play because they need players to get games running. Most rooms treat props just like any other promotional expense.